What is Muscle & Joint Therapy?

Muscles and bones are meant to move. Movement is the basis for life. Overused muscles and joints get stiff and sore.  Most chiropractors adjust bones. Therapists work with just muscles.
Derik Anderson, DC, Clinic Director, heals both. If you’re in pain, it’s essential to integrate your muscles and bones to experience a pain-free life and long-term health.

The 3 Keys to Living Pain-Free:
RELEASE Tight Muscles: (Active Release Technique (ART), acoustic compression therapy (ACT), FAKTR, Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Management (IASTM)
REMOBILIZE Stiff Joints: Chiropractic, Instrument-Assisted Adjusting,
RESTORE Strength: Pilatescore strength, muscle or muscle group specific rehab.
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We Love What We Do

I accidentally became a doctor. I was set to go to business school, as I had pursued energy  economics in college and worked for an energy consulting firm. I wanted to make the world a better place. We use energy, so why not produce and use it more efficiently. That how I saw I could help the world.


Until a very good friend’s life was was virtually saved by chiropractic. She had spent two years with horrific intestinal problems: she had uncontrollable bowels. She received diagnoses from a variety of practitioners: medical doctors to acupuncturists to nutritionists. Nobody could actually help her though. Until she saw a chiropractor.


Why a chiropractor for intestinal problems? Because nothing else was working. Chiropractic did, dramatically. No longer bed-ridden, she was back to teaching, traveling, and leading a very active life. When I saw the effect on her life, I had an epiphany. I wasn’t looking to change, but being a healthcare provider was my calling. I knew it at a gut level. I could help people, as I had always wanted, now personally and directly. And that passion still drives me today.

"The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest her or his patients in the care of the human frame, in a proper diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease." Thomas Edison
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